By James Arndt, Sep 18 2015 10:25PM

These are screengrabs from the Unity 5 viewport of the latest asset completed for the game. This weapon will serve as a secondary weapon for Sarah during gameplay. It took me a couple of days to model, create UVs and create the texture maps needed.

By James Arndt, Sep 16 2015 02:09AM

Work in Progress: I've been working now for 3 days on the main protagonist "Sarah". Finished up her modeling and UVs on the first day. Day two consisted of laying down basic texture/color sections and starting to lay down some base patterning on those areas. Day three was bringing into Mudbox and sculpting some folds in clothing. I also used Mudbox to begin laying down some texture details in the skin and shirt. I have about another 2 days left on this character. I have to create a tactical sling/holsters for weapons.

Some cool new news: I've now teamed up with M. Goodrich for character design.

As a side note : I have not touched the boots or arms/chest are for texturing or sculpting.


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